Terra Nova Garden, Kilmallock

Terra Nova is one of Ireland’s best known small, privately owned gardens and is a firm favourite with garden visitors of all ages. A half-acre that appears so much larger due to the use of weaving pathways, imaginative features and an ingenious use of space, nothing goes to waste here in this lush oasis.  Originally a wet, boggy field full of horsetail and rushes, it has been transformed beyond recognition and now features regularly in the media.

A past winner of the prestigious title of “Best Garden in Ireland”, Terra Nova is dynamic, a space that never stands still. Although it is without doubt, a plant lover’s garden, it offers so much more. It is located in Kilmallock, approximately a 40 minute drive from Adare.

“Behind our garden is a fairy fort that has been there for many thousands of years and an even older one once stood where our garden is now. Though the soil was poor our plants grew fast and we could feel the fairies working beside us as the garden grew and blossomed. Many strange and wonderful things have happened here over the years and the fairies’ strong presence can be felt by many visitors. Come visit for yourself and feel the magic of Terra Nova”.

The garden is open April to September but please ring before you travel!

Telephone: 063 90744/086 0658807

Website: https://www.terranovagarden.com/cms/