Frank McCourt Museum

The museum showcases a classroom of the 1930’s and the McCourt home, as described in “Angela’s Ashes” and a bronze bust of Dr.Frank McCourt is displayed on a plinth at the entrance. The museum is a 25 minute drive from Adare.

A collection of memorabilia is seen in display cases, such as school books of the period and old photos – all donated by former pupils of Leamy School.
The Museum aims to establish itself as a centre whereby cultural and educational projects will find a home for growth. To heighten an awareness of the achievements of Frank McCourt, who grew up in abject poverty and to let the museum tell his story in line with the Pulitzer Prize-winning book, Angela’s Ashes. The Museum aims to showcase the classroom of the 1930’s where Frank and his siblings attended as and to incorporate a recreation of the McCourts’ home, according to the book’s description in ‘Angela’s Ashes’.

The Museum, located at Hartstonge Street, is a tudor style, listed building with a unique facade, complete with tower, turrets and ornamental chimneys and gargoyles.



Phone: (061) 319710