There are a number of beautiful churches in Adare:
The Holy Trinity Catholic Church, St. Nicholas Church of Ireland and the Adare Methodist Church


Holy Trinity Abbey Church

Welcome to Holy Trinity Abbey Church, Adare. We, the parishioners, the community of Holy Trinity Abbey Church, are conscious of the words of St. Paul: “make hospitality your special concern”.

St. Nicholas Church of Ireland

The church was originally built in 1315 as an Augustinian Abbey by John Fitzthomas Fitzgerald, the first Earl of Kildare. It is also called the “Black Abbey” because the Augustinian monks of the time wore black habits.


Adare Methodist Church

John Wesley, Founder of the Methodist Church, visited this area on ten occasions between 1756 and 1778 and local tradition affirms that he preached under an ash tree near the ruin of the Franciscan Abbey on at least one of these occasions.