Heraldry / Genealogy

The family crest experts at Curran’s Heraldry can shed light on family names, histories and coats of arms and this unique knowledge is within your grasp.

Curran’s Heraldry

Highly recommended on TripAdvisor with comments such as “In all of Ireland I didn’t find such a comprehensive heraldry shop of impeccable quality”, Curran’s Heraldry is a family business with its own unique history.
It dates back to the late 1800s when an ancestor of the present owner, G.P Curran, took a special interest in the intriguing field of family name histories and coats of arms.

The visitor outlet in Adare Heritage Centre contains the largest repository of Irish, British and European family crests available anywhere today. If your crest is not in the store, they can ship it to you.

From their database of over 200,000 Irish, British and European family names, they can print a beautiful family history scroll on the spot.

Curran’s Heraldic workshop is located at Ballycasey Design Centre in Shannon, Co. Clare

Website: www.curransheraldry.com
Phone: +353 (0)61 362 460
Email: info@curransheraldry.com