One section of the triple span railway bridge, which was built in 1856, was lifted out of position by crane today 13th September, to be followed by removal of the other two sections of the bridge over the next few days. The work on this historic bridge was viewed from the River Bank Walk by a large gathering of Adare residents. The construction of this triple-span bridge is of coursed cut limestone piers, those to central span having cut limestone caps and V-cutwaters, supporting metal span, carrying railway and having lattice work parapets to central span.

A large number of functional structures were built in the mid to late nineteenth century to provide services for the railway networks in Ireland, of which this bridge is a notable example. It forms a group with the nearby railway station and goods shed, which although no longer in use, make a notable contribution to the landscape. The contrast of materials adds textural interest and is characteristic of industrial heritage of this period. The lattice work and cut limestone caps add a measure of decorative interest to this utilitarian structure. Retaining much of its original materials, this is a handsome representative of mid nineteenth-century railway architecture.

The extent of the present Works:
The Works include raising the height of the River Maigue Railway Bridge, the former Adare Railway Station platform and associated roadworks and level crossing works. The River Maigue Railway Bridge will be increased in height ( it is a protected structure )  and including alterations to the existing abutments, piers and adjacent existing railway embankments. The former Adare Railway Station Platform; increase the level of part of the existing platform associated with former Adare Railway Station ( a protected structure ) to match the new height of the River Maigue Railway Bridge, including provision of retaining wall, timber fencing, security fencing, drainage channel and retention of original copping stones; Road Lift – alterations to existing road L1423, a former canal, to raise the road and railway level crossing to match new level of the River Maigue Railway Bridge, including reconstruction of the road, footpath, kerbs and walls.

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