Designer Orla Daly showing one of her sweaters in Adare Town Park.

IN AN era where fast fashion dominates, one Limerick woman has taken a bold step towards revolutionising the industry by founding a luxury, sustainable alpaca wool sweater brand.

Meet Orla Daly, a visionary entrepreneur who is reshaping the fashion landscape with her commitment to ethical practices and timeless style, through her label CAYO.

In 2021, and in a world hungry for eco-conscious alternatives, she wove together innovation, quality, and a passion for sustainability, creating a brand that sets a new standard for conscious consumers seeking both comfort, luxury and conscience.

Strolling through the picturesque Adare Town Park, Limerick native, Orla discusses her brand CAYO with The Limerick Leader. In the splendid sunshine she congratulates a nearby bride on her big day.

Residing in Crecora and striving to keep her business as local as possible, Orla says that anything she can’t do herself she contracts others to help her achieve her goals.

Recognizing the ecological consequences of transporting yarn from Peru, Orla takes proactive measures to counterbalance the carbon emissions, by donating to the Carbon Fund.

Also, by personally visiting those involved in the supply chain, she guarantees fair treatment for the personnel. Currently stocked in The Boutique at Adare Manor, and Emporium Kalu in Naas, Orla says, “CAYO is the type of fashion you fall in love with when you feel it and try it on.”

See the full story in the Limerick Leader. | PICTURE: Adrian Butler

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