SAMCO of Adare is an award winning innovative Agricultural Company founded in 1997 by Samuel J. Shine. This family business employs over 50 staff at their 35,000sq.ft.  manufacturing facility. It exports to 25 counties and has an annual turnover € 12 million. 80% of its turnover is from mulch film sales and 20% from machinery sales

SAMCO was initially established to design and manufacture the SAMCO 3 in 1 machine which sows seed, sprays the soil with pre-emergence herbicide, and lays a thin layer of degradable mulch film over the seed bed. This operation protects the young plants from late frost, increases the soil temperature and thereby maximises yield per hectare. Many crops are grown using the SAMCO System, such as Maize / Corn, Maize Grain, Sunflowers, Sorghum, Soya, Beet, Rice and many types of vegetables. SAMCO offers advice through their well-educated and experienced agronomy staff, on the most suitable types of degradable mulch film to be used for each crop, leading to higher and better-quality maize yield per acre for our growers.

SAMCO design and manufacture the degradable mulch film for their machines and conduct many trials each year, increasing the wealth of knowledge acquired through experience to date, to support the business of helping farmers achieve high yields.

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