Did you know?

The Holy Trinity Abbey
Founded by Geoffrey de Marisco in 1230 for the Trinitarian Order,it was their only Irish house.
The Washing Pool
The small pool in the centre of the village is formed by a tributary of the river Maigue and this was the traditional place for the women of Adare to wash their family clothes.
The Wesley Stone
John Wesley, Founder of the Methodist Church, preached to the people of Adare in 1756 from the shade of an ash tree close to the Franciscan Friary.
The Lantern Lodge
This handsome Victorian Gothic Gate Lodge previously gave access to Adare Manor estate.
Detmar Blow Cottages
These cottage, built c.1910, were built to the design of Detmar Blow (1867-1939) who was a prominent architect of the Arts and Crafts movement.
Adare Courthouse
It is also thought to have been a Bridewell, where prisoners were held for short terms. It has not been used as a courthouse for many years.

For more information on these and all historic sites in Adare click on: www.adarevillage.com/history/historyhistoric-sites/

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