AIB will be withdrawing its cash services at Adare as the lender switches its focus to digital banking. This news will come as a blow to the village of Adare, which hosts thousands of tourists from all over the world who will not be able to access cash from our bank.

Imagine not being able to lodge cash or get cash from the only bank in the village. The bank has assured customers that they will continue to have “efficient access to cash in their communities”, such as our Post Office, which as we all know has not the capacity or the space to take on the function of handling cash transactions. This is a disgraceful decision by AIB and should be resisted by the local community.

From September 30th, cash services will be pulled from Adare. It means that customers will no longer be able to lodge or withdraw cash and cheques over the counter or through machines inside the branch.

The cash machine outside the branch will also be removed, AIB has said.

It says “the cost of providing cash services has become increasingly unsustainable”.

This decision is not in the interest of Adare and should be strongly opposed.

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