It’s wonderful to see the thatchers plying their traditional skills in replacing the thatch on the cottage, which was burned down six years ago. Hopefully, completion of the building work is not too far away.

On Saturday 6th June 2015 a large fire broke out destroying a number of thatched cottages in the village but with no injuries. One cottage, built in 1826 by Lord Dunraven, was gutted in the blaze. A second was burned to the ground. Serious water damage was caused to a third cottage. The blaze broke out shortly after 1pm, just as a wedding was due to start across the road in the village’s 13th-century Holy Trinity Abbey Church.
In the early 19th century, the Earl of Dunraven laid the plans for the existing streets and townhouses of Adare. The original thatched cottages were built in the 1820’s, and these were the homes of people employed on the Dunraven Estate.

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