EXi – the NHS-approved app for people with long term health conditions and those with a sedentary lifestyle – has appointed Grace McNamara from Adare as its CEO, effective from December 1, 2020.  Grace’s primary focus is to spearhead EXi’s expansion within the healthcare sector and target new partners to accelerate the delivery of exercise prescription and champion the implementation of exercise as medicine. She will also lead efforts to secure additional funding streams from investors to help position this exciting digital health start-up as a force to be reckoned with across health and fitness.

Prior to joining EXi Grace led Apple’s Health and Fitness Strategic Initiatives in EMEIA and headed up all areas of employee health. She also managed Apple’s business partnerships within preventative care and chronic condition management, including its collaboration with EXi.

“Congratulations to Grace on her appointment”.…. Adare Village Website

“I am thrilled to take on this position with EXi, having been greatly impressed by its ethos and commitment to changing the conversation around exercise as medicine,” says Grace. “I’m determined to build on EXi’s momentum to foster real improvements in people’s physical and mental health with sustainable behaviour change.”

Developed by chartered physiotherapists Carron and Lewis Manning, EXi provides a digital solution to the challenge of prescribing evidence-based personalised exercise for managing or preventing up to 23 chronic conditions, helping address sedentary lifestyles and reduced mobility. Backed by Sport England, EXi is approved by the NHS and included in its Apps Library. In this way, it is perfectly positioned to facilitate clinicians to provision physical activity safely, based on clinical need for each person risk factors and condition state.

“I’m delighted to welcome Grace on board to the growing EXi team,” says Carron, who will focus on growing EXi’s clinical relationships to change the face of care delivery. “During our work on the Apple platform, Grace showed a deep understanding of and empathy for the purpose. She lives and breathes our mission and brings a wealth of experience in exactly the areas that will help build on our solid foundation to realise our potential.”

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