desmond_castleFor the duration of restricted movement and isolation due to Covit-19, Adare Village Website invites you to visit the Historical Sites featured on for the purpose of learning more about the exciting history of our village. You will find this exercise to be very rewarding as you delve back into the illustrious past of Adare, and particularly so for our school children who will gain greater knowledge of their village.

Also, and more importantly, to ask you to contribute any additional pieces of local history not included in this section, or to correct or amend any historical discrepancies throughout these pages. The historical content should be brief, say approximately 250 words, as it is mainly to inform visitors of our history and to guide them to the various historical sites in Adare. The website over time will include a reference page to all the featured sites, so that visitors can follow up on the content contained on our website.

Historical articles or indeed any other suggestions that improve the style or content of the website should be emailed to

We hope that you will stay safe and well during this unprecedented crisis.

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