Growing concern over impact of roadworks on community and local business in Adare
Concern is building among the community and local businesses in Adare following a week of disruption from   roadworks as a result of the Adare Sewer Extension Project.  Irish Water, in partnership with Limerick City and County Council is carrying out the works and Shareridge Ltd. is working on behalf of Irish Water to deliver this project.  The project will extend an existing sewer for 365m from Adare Main Street southbound on the N21.  The work, which commenced last week, is scheduled to continue for a 12 week period until mid-April 2020.  During this time, the Adare Business Association on behalf of the community of Adare, is highlighting that Adare Village is open for business.  It is business as normal in Adare.  The past week has seen a serious impact on the local economy causing the Adare Business Association to urge customers and visitors not to be discouraged by the temporary roadworks, the Adare traffic management system is working well, and that local businesses are open and operating as normal.

Speaking today on behalf of Adare’s local businesses, Kevin Kelly, Chairperson of Adare Business Association, said:

“People need to know that it is Business as Usual in Adare.  It is vitally important to local businesses and the tourism industry that traffic continues to flow through Adare, despite the temporary roadworks, which is diverting HGV around the village.  The Adare traffic management system is working hard to reduce the impact on the local economy,  but the past week has already seen local business seriously impacted.  We are urging the public to please continue to support local businesses and communities during this time”.

To keep up-to-date with roadworks and temporary disruptions, please visit Adare Village:



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