What’s your idea of a perfect day, or a perfect weekend, in Limerick?

After a leisurely breakfast at the Adare Manor with my girlfriends, a visit to the many wonderful boutiques in Adare village to view the latest fashions and then, a visit to Woodlands House Hotel for some relaxation time in the tranquil spa to be followed by a reviving afternoon tea.

What’s your first Limerick memory?

Attending races at Greenpark, meeting up with many friends and enjoying great company in Patrick Punch’s. Racing people are great company and you get to meet many interesting characters. I now attend the new Limerick racecourse with my husband Tommy as often as possible.

What’s your favourite part of the city (or county) and why?

The many interesting productions Lime Tree Theatre has on offer, it is a wonderful amenity to have in the area and I attend as many productions as my work schedule allows.

What about a favourite walk or view?

My favourite walk is the river bank walk in Adare. It takes you away from the main thoroughfare of the village along the river Maigue and magnificent views of the Adare Desmond Castle. I sometimes finish my work day with this walk to clear my head and give my voice a rest after a busy day conversing with the visitors to the Desmond Castle and Adare.

What do you think gives Limerick its unique identity?

Limerick Bacon is world renowned and food tourism is now a very popular holiday choice with visitors. Limerick can now offer excellent artisan foods in the city and county and showcase its many producers at the popular Milk Market. I feel Limerick can benefit from this niche market with continued smart promotion and marketing. Also, accessibility of Limerick to the country is quite unique.

Do you have a favourite local restaurant or pub?

The bar in the Dunraven Arms Hotel holds many great memories for me, especially as we held our wedding reception there. I always enjoy a drink in the bar as the venue never disappoints and you just never know who will arrive into the Bar, it’s a unique and special gem.

How would you describe the people of Limerick?

Limerick people are very sociable, love their sport and fashion. They have their own unique sense of charm and I am always delighted to see the way Limerick Ladies showcase their terrific style and glamour wherever they go.

How important do you think sport is to Limerick?

Rugby has been very good to Limerick and highlights Limerick in a positive light. Here in Adare we are still celebrating the All-Ireland Hurling victory and I am very proud of the team that represented us last year and hopefully we will be celebrating again this year.

If you could add one amenity to Limerick what would it be?

I would love to see Adare bypassed as I believe it would enhance the village enormously and improve the tourism experience for everyone. Infrastructure such as extra parking and signage etc. to name a few items are required to empower a bypass however the positives of a bypass will outweigh any disturbances there may be to achieve this amenity.

What’s the biggest challenge facing the city (or county) today?

Limerick’s image has improved enormously in the past five years, I feel the challenge for Limerick is the complete its project to revive Limerick City and County so as to appeal to as many visitors as imaginable and to encourage them to stay longer and enjoy all the amenities in Limerick.

(with the kind permission of the Limerick Leader)

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