Tiger Woods has confirmed that he will play in the JP McManus 2020 Pro-Am at Adare Manor. Tiger also expressed his delight at Limerick’s historic All-Ireland victory.
“JP is one of my dearest friends and it’s cool that his Limerick team finally won the title, as I know how passionate he is about his hurling, as well as his love of horse-racing and of course, golf.
“I remember one year I was over for his Pro-Am and JP took me to a hurling match. I thought it was pretty neat but not a sport I would want try.” He said the hurling win was “great news for JP and Limerick and I’m really pleased for him as JP just does so much for sport in Ireland”.
“I’m not sure when we’ll catch-up next but I do know I am looking forward to going back to Ireland in 2020 for his Pro-Am at Adare Manor as it’s been a long time since we played the Pro-Am.
“It’s again right before The Open and I’ve always supported the event.
“I see we’re heading to JP’s Adare Manor, as I knew guys like Rory (McIlroy) and Paddy (Padraig Harrington) were over there just after the Masters for a grand re-opening, so it all sounds pretty exciting”
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