Adare Manor is now home to the largest figurative bronze sculpture ever made in Ireland. The sculpture of a Bear, standing at four metres tall, was produced by renowned Irish artist Patrick O’Reilly, and now resides on the grounds of Adare Manor for our guests to enjoy.

The Bear sculpture titled ‘In Search of Lost Time’ shows the Bear marching forward. From childhood days, one of our first memory is that of a teddy bear, which personifies companionship, trust and innocence. The Adare Bear represents our lives with an air of optimism, as we all march on taking on the wonders of life.

Patrick O’Reilly, who produced the four meter high sculpture of the Bear, said: “The Bear allows viewers to revisit the essence of their past, leading to flashbacks and recollections of preceding times.  That significant memory involves events long past with happy and joyous nostalgia but with an awareness that live moves on”. 

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