Samco, based in Adare, signed a €1.5m contract with a Chilean dairy co-op, at Dunraven Arms Hotel last Thursday. The company has invested a lot of time, money and resources in conducting R & D trials in Chile over the past two years and with their research complete they are now ready to push their sales into high gear.

Helmut Muller of Cooprinsem co-op said that Samco System was “a truly innovative product and that with many different climates in Chile that we can use Samco products five months of the year and not one month like here in Ireland”.

“On the day of laying the foundations for our new €2m facility expansion in Adare, it is brilliant to welcome our newest partners from Chile here to Samco”, said Robert Shine, Managing Director of Samco. (Date of article 24th Nov. 2018)

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